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Link of the Day – Calculators Galore

Some people are good with words and numbers, some with neither, and some with one or the other. I’m OK with words, but I’m a near total failure with numbers. I can add, and sometimes multiply, but subtraction and division are beyond me. That’s why I need a site like This site has a calculator for every situation — scientific, financial, mortgage, distance, etc.

POP-UP WARNING: I received a comment to this post saying this site has pop-up ads. I use the Google toolbar with pop-up blocker, and I get zero pop-ups here. I still think it’s a worthwhile site, but if you don’t have a pop-up blocker, click at your own risk…

Bob Kraft

I am a Dallas, Texas lawyer who has had the privilege of helping thousands of clients since 1971 in the areas of Personal Injury law and Social Security Disability.

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The title of this blog reflects my attitude toward those government agencies and insurance companies that routinely mistreat injured or disabled people. As a Dallas, Texas lawyer, I've spent more than 45 years trying to help those poor folk, and I have been frustrated daily by the actions of the people on the other side of their claims. (Sorry if I offended you...)

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