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Dick Cheney’s Latest Tort Reform Initiative!

From an anonymous source:

Administration Presses Novel Effort for Tort Reform

Cheney leads effort to attack lawyers

Kingsville, Texas (AP) — Impatient with stalled efforts to close the courts to litigants, the Bush Administration literally fired the first shot in its groundbreaking “No Lawyer Left Standing” initiative. Vice-President Cheney, hunting on a private lawyer ranch near Kingsville, Texas, bagged an impressive buck (Harry Whittington, UT Law ’50). Under the new program, hunters may take one white shoe in-house lawyer or three outside lawyers daily. There is no limit for trial lawyers. “We’ve just got to thin the herd,” said the Vice-President. “We’ve tried tort reform and caps on damages, but people are still suing.” Cheney added, “It’s easy and fun. In Texas, you can shoot in almost any direction and hit a lawyer.

Bob Kraft

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