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Link of the Day – Medical News And Information For Doctors And Patients

MDLinx is a Web site originally set up for physicians to get medical news and information. But it now contains a large amount of such news and information for consumers also. It is well worth a look. Here is a description from the site:

MDLinx connects healthcare professionals and patients to tomorrow’s medical knowledge and provides the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, and research solutions.

Established in March of 1999 in Washington, D.C., MDLinx is the leading provider of online marketing solutions to the healthcare industry. The company’s solutions include:

  • Targeted Online Advertising
  • Content Licensing, and
  • Market Research.

These solutions enable pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare clients to align offline strategies with online initiatives.

MDLinx is an award-winning, practical tool that busy physicians, healthcare professionals, and a growing number of educated consumers use to stay up to date with the latest research in the medical field. The company aggregates medical articles and research from more than 1,200 peer-reviewed journals and leading news media on a daily basis. Our physician editors sort this content into 32 medical specialty sites, 36 patient sites, and more than 743 subspecialty sections, all available online. Users can choose to view this information online or subscribe to any of our 743 daily newsletters.

For the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, MDLinx provides a unique way to communicate directly with physicians and healthcare consumers. MDLinx offers advertising, content licensing, medical education, and market research solutions that help companies broadcast product messages and build brand awareness among their audiences. MDLinx works with eight of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world, providing unparalleled online access to soughtafter target groups.

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