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Link of the Day – Texas Legislative Reference Library

The Texas Legislative Reference Library is a valuable source for compiling or examining the legislative history of bills passed by the Texas Legislature. This is the description from the site:


The primary purpose of the Legislative Reference Library is to satisfy the reference and research needs of the Legislature, its staff, and its committees. Whenever possible within this framework, the library will assist the public and other state agencies with legislative research.


The Library maintains a specialized collection of materials designed to support legislators in their work. Library holdings include:

  • Legislative bill files from the 63rd legislature (1973) forward — Access to the original bill files is limited, so arrangements to view these files must be made in advance. Bill files from the 1st through the 62nd legislatures (1846-1971) are on file at the Texas State Archive.
  • Books and reports on issues of interest to the Legislature — Items may be located using the Library’s online catalog. Books not found in the Library’s collection may be obtained for legislative offices through InterLibrary Loan.
  • Texas state documents — Documents published by Texas state agencies and universities include: budgets, annual reports, legislative appropriations requests, and strategic plans. The collection also includes legislative interim reports and minutes from state agency meetings.
  • State and Federal legal collection — Texas reference books include: Gammel’s Laws, Texas Statutes, General and Special Laws of Texas, House and Senate Journals, West’s Texas Digest, Texas cases from the Southwestern Reporter, Texas Register, and the Texas Administrative Code. Federal holdings include: statutes from all 50 states, United States Code Annotated, Federal Register, and Code of Federal Regulation.

State Agency Reporting Requirements

The Government Code and the General Appropriations Act require Texas state agencies to place copies of each publication they distribute on file with the Legislative Reference Library. Statutory authorities for specific reporting requirements provide additional details.

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