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Protect Against Holiday Theft In The Office

The management company at our office building issued a holiday alert to all the tenants. This is an edited version of their memo, and should be applicable to anyone who works in an office building.

The holiday season is an active time and requires extra vigilance to prevent theft. Your building management team takes many extra precautions to protect your personal items and your company’s equipment. Holiday protection is a total team effort and you can play your part by remembering a few simple rules.

Office thieves take advantage of opportunities, and if you remove the opportunity you greatly reduce the chances of being victimized. REMEMBER: Take all safety precautions!

Stay alert! Office thieves are most active at opening, closing, and lunch hours, when the maximum traffic flow occurs.

Remove from public view and secure unattended holiday gifts, purses, wallets, and coats that provide attractive invitations to a would-be thief.

Reception areas should always be staffed, and outer doors leading to the office should be kept locked at all times.

Be wary of solicitors or other suspicious persons. “May I help you?” will often be sufficient to deter a potential intruder. Thieves do not want to be confronted or identified

Following your own instincts is critical. If there is ever any doubt or you don’t feel right about an outsider in your office, hallway, or restroom, immediately call Security or the Management office.

If working after hours, call Security and report that you are still in the building. Keep the outer office door locked if possible.

When working late, you should use caution when entering an elevator with unknown individuals. Try to stand so that you have access to the control panel. Never stand with your back to a person; you could be an easy target for a pickpocket or violence.

Place valuables in the office in a locked cabinet or drawer.

Do not make co-workers aware of the fact that you have excess cash in your possession.

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