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Link of the Day – Daubert Tracker

The Daubert Tracker is pretty much what it sounds like — a database of Daubert documents, case reports, and listing of experts. Here is a description from the site:

The Daubert Tracker provides litigators, judges, legal researchers and testifying experts with “fingertip” access to information associated with reported and unreported “evidentiary gatekeeping” cases. The product tracks cases from both federal and state jurisdictions going back to 1993 and is updated daily. For the first time, legal professionals can “Daubertize” experts in the same way they Shepardize cases.

Key Features

  • Aggregation of all reported and numerous unreported “gatekeeping” decisions from multiple jurisdictions into a unified and integrated database
  • Identification, location and verification of critical information missing from decisions with a focus on the name, discipline and area of expertise of challenged experts and the results of the challenge
  • Direct links to core documents including decisions, motions, briefs and docket sheets
  • Fast and precise searching on specific case elements such as expert, discipline/ field of expertise, court, judge
  • Case summaries which identify the key reasons for exclusion or admission of challenged expert’s testimony
  • Quarterly magazine
  • Weekly case update
  • Web lecture series featuring nationally recognized authorities on Daubert and scientific evidence issues

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