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Mock juries are great for personal injury lawyers, but the cost can be prohibitive on smaller cases. Now there’s a way to get the benefits of a mock jury for $1500 – $2500. How? Here’s the explanation from

What is TrialJuries?

TrialJuries is a web-based “mock jury” system. Traditional mock juries are complex, cumbersome and — for all but the largest cases — prohibitively expensive. We make the benefits of a mock-jury available to ordinary attorneys with ordinary cases.

We allow you to test drive your case before a panel of real people — just like the jurors that you’ll see if and when your case gets to trial. You can try out your arguments and evidence and receive detailed information about the jurors’ reactions to your case, including answers to real-life verdict questions and “feedback” questions that you prepare to help you gauge the jurors’ responses to your case.

We use a number of mechanisms to recruit a broad range of people from around the country to serve as our “virtual jurors”. When you submit a case, we ask for the zip code in which it is pending. We then select a random group of jurors from the area surrounding that zip code to hear your case.

How TrialJuries Works?

TrialJuries is an entirely web-based service.

Attorneys log onto the TrialJuries site and submit a case. The first step is to complete a short form with basic information to help you identify the case, and to let us know where it is pending so that we can assign jurors from the correct venue.

After that, you have a few choices: you can make a “Text” submission in which you add a written “statement of the case” from the side of both plaintiff and defendant. Or, you can submit audio or video files for your statements of the case (much like opening statements would be in the real trial). Add exhibits as well if you like. Then just add your Verdict questions and Feedback questions using our “form builder” and you’re ready to “send your case to the jury.”

The scope of the submissions that you can make is detailed in the “What it costs” section.

After your case submission is complete (you can take as long as you need to complete the submission, returning as often to the site as is necessary), the case is sent to a panel of jurors for review. The jurors log on, review the case submission, and answer the Verdict and Feedback questions. When the last juror has rendered its verdict, you will receive an e mail from us. Just log on and view a series of reports that allow you to analyze the jury’s decision and responses.

The results of the process will provide you with feedback about your case that you can use in any number of ways such as: provide realistic settlement valuation, provide a “reality check” to an entrenched client, refine your trial presentation and test drive your key themes, facts and arguments.

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