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Link of the Day – Driving, The New Commandments

My good friend, California personal injury lawyer Jonathan Stein, has posted a response to the Vatican’s recent issuance of the “10 Commandments for Driving.” Here’s Jonathan’s blog post:

The Vatican has now issued 10 commandments for driving. Some of them are interesting, some not so interesting. I figure if they can take a shot at it, why can’t I? I have probably seen more car crashes than everyone at the Vatican combined. So, here goes:

The California Personal Injury and Insurance Blog 10 Commandments of Driving:

  1. Thou shall not speed;
  2. Thou shall stop to assist broken down motorists or motorists involved in a car accident;
  3. Thou shall keep thine vehicle in YOUR lane;
  4. Thou shall obey all traffic signals and signs;
  5. Thou shall not give anyone “the bird” or show other signs of aggression at other drivers;
  6. Thou shall yield the right of way;
  7. Thou shall keep thine eyes on the road;
  8. Thou shall not read, put on make up or shave while driving;
  9. Thou shall use turn signals;

10 simple rules that will keep you, and everyone around you, safer in the car.

Bob Kraft

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