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New Laws Will Apply To Elderly Texas Drivers

The Texas Legislature has passed several laws, effective September 1, 2007, that will affect elderly drivers. The two major goals are to protect others from older people who really shouldn’t be allowed to drive, and to make it easier to issue state-wide alerts for elderly citizens who may be lost.

Among the new measures designed to protect elderly drivers and others is “Katie’s Law,” named after a Dallas teen killed last year by a 90-year-old driver who ran a red light. It requires seniors 79 and older to renew their licenses in person. It also requires more frequent license renewals.

The law calls for Texas Department of Public Safety employees to test the vision of elderly drivers more frequently. Employees also may ask drivers to retake a written or driving test if they appear to have other physical or mental health issues.

Another law will expand the “Amber Alert” system to include missing senior citizens as well as missing children.

Bob Kraft

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