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Link of the Day – Help Support Our Troops And Their Families

Regardless of your position on the war in Iraq, I know we all want to offer support and comfort to the brave men and women who have been sent there to fight and to suffer. One local organization that provides for the troops is DFW Marine Corps Families. Here is information from their Web site:

DFW Marine Corps Families, a non-profit organization, was formed for the purpose of providing friendship, support, and encouragement to families of those serving in the United States Marine Corps. Very often, our friends, co-workers and even our own extended family members do not understand or relate to the unique circumstances of military families. We recognize the great need to associate with others in our community who share the same pride, worries, and concerns. In addition, it is our firm belief that the single most important thing we can do to support Marine families is to support their Marines.

This group will also undertake charitable activities which benefit the Marine directly, such as sending care packages when deployed, providing financial support in times of need, bringing public awareness to the needs of our military, and assisting USMC affiliated organizations in their endeavors. It is especially important that Americans make a concerted effort to support our men and women in uniform as they continue a global fight in the war against terrorism. They are fighting and sacrificing on our behalf, protecting our country and securing the treasured gift of freedom for others – our only duty is to show them our appreciation.

DFW MCF sponsors many activities in which we encourage the community to participate. In addition to monthly group meetings for our members, we often invite the public to participate in some of our group sponsored events. As a non-profit organization, we greatly appreciate the support we’ve received from local businesses, churches, and individual donors. Without your help, we would not be able to continue this vital support of our military men and women.

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