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Link of the Day – Can’t Find It On Google?

Can’tFindItOnGoogle is one of the odder search engine sites on the Internet. It’s for people who just can’t manage to find what they want by using Google. Here are some details from the site:

You are probably wondering who we are and why we made the site — in particular, do we have any association with Google? I mean, how do you know this website wasn’t put up by Google themselves? Or maybe Google hates us. Or maybe they don’t care. Or maybe they love us — they should… 🙂 read on…

First off, we are not affiliated with Google, Inc. The truth is, I shouldn’t even use the word “we” because I put this website up myself. Hi, my name is Wayne Radinsky. I’ll tell you how I got the idea for the site. I used to live in Silicon Valley and I know a certain person who works at Google. One day I was saying, “I was looking on Google for something and no matter hard I tried I couldn’t find it.” And she was like, “Dude, tell me! I’m always interested in what people can’t find on Google.” Ok, I admit, she didn’t use the word “Dude.”. Then she says, “You should make a list.” So I start making a list. My “Can’t Find On Google” list.

And then I thought, “I oughta make a website so everyone can add to the list.” And I did — you’re looking at it. This website is the whole world’s “Can’t find on Google” list.

A lot of people are using the site to answer questions posted by others. Here’s how you can, too: If you know something, post a response. If you want to know the answer, or just want to follow the conversation, click “Subscribe”. “Subscribe” will give you an “email subscription” to an entry — all future responses will be sent to you in email. Of course, I have to mention that if you really want to know the answer to a question, you can pay a few bucks on Google Answers and have an expert answer it for you.

Always remember, wherever you go: If you can’t find it on Google, post it on! Do you know anybody else who uses Google? Tell them if they can’t find something on Google, post it on!

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