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Finding Wi-Fi On The Road

I’ve written before about finding Wi-Fi hot spots on the road. It’s getting easier to do as more and more businesses and hotels offer connections. In Texas, all the highway rest stops have Wi-Fi now, and other states are joining this trend. Besides the usual Starbucks hot spots, Wi-Fi can be found in many public libraries. In fact, if you just park near a library or motel you’re likely to find a free hotspot available for you. Not that I would suggest you do that.

If you have time to plan ahead, you can check for hotspots by visiting or you could go to and pay $21.95 per month to use any of more than 100,000 hot spots around the world. And if you have trouble getting connections, you can visit and buy a Wi-Fi extender that will let you connect from longer distances.

Bob Kraft

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