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Bipolar Disorder And Social Security Disability Benefits

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder which results in extreme emotional changes and mood swings. Most people with Bipolar disorder alternate between extreme “Highs” (in which their mind races and they sometimes engage in bizarre and irrational behavior) to deep Lows” (in which they have suicidal thoughts and unhappiness). According to the National Institute for Mental Health, bipolar disorder affects over 2 million people. The age of diagnosis can range from adolescence into the early twenties. Bipolar Disorder can also lead to alcohol and drug abuse as a person tries to self-medicate. Sometimes an individual will meet with three or four mental health professionals before being correctly diagnosed!

Bipolar disorder is recognized as a Disability by Social Security. However, if a person with Bipolar disorder wants to seek Social Security Disability benefits, it is very important that the individual receive regular treatment. This treatment should include visits to a mental health clinic for counseling and medication. Information regarding an individual’s work history should also be gathered. Failed work attempts can be strong evidence of a person’s mental disease, especially when the work attempt ended due to impulsive behavior or a lack of reliability.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Bipolar Disorder, or any other mental disorder, and they can no longer maintain employment, please have them contact us at 214-999-9999. We can give you additional information.

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