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Central Nervous System Vascular Accident And Social Security Disability

A Central Nervous System Vascular Accident, generally called a stroke, can have devastating long term effects. It can cause problems with a victim’s speech, movement, vision, hearing and even the ability to understand. According to a 2005 government survey, the results of which were released early in 2008, stroke was the third leading cause of death in all people.

Social Security recognizes Central Nervous System Vascular Accident (CVA) as a disabling condition. Social Security is primarily concerned with a Claimant’s functional limitations after a stroke. A stroke victim may be unable to stand for long periods of time, walk effectively to keep pace with other workers, have full use of their arms and fine motor skills, etc. Additionally, some people who have a stroke will have problems speaking (Aphasia) to and understanding others. All of these factors will be considered by Social Security.

If you or someone you know has had a stroke and is considering Social Security Disability, you should contact a Social Security Attorney. A good Social Security Attorney will be able to meet with you and examine your medical records to determine if you meet a Social Security Listing or if you qualify under the Medical-Vocational Rules.

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