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Duck And Cover In Case Of Atomic Attack!

I promise I was doing some actual legal research yesterday when I somehow was redirected to this YouTube video. Then it seemed strangely appropriate for April Fool’s Day.

The video is about “Duck and Cover” in case of atomic attack. It was made in 1951. Baby Boomers like me sometimes long for the good old days, when life was simpler. Then we come across something like this that reminds us the good old days weren’t all good. Politicians back then liked to scare the public, just like the ones we have in Washington now. It seems especially unkind, in retrospect, to scare elementary-age kids by showing films like this one. And to make it worse, the film has such terribly unhelpful information — such as using a newspaper to protect your face from radiation burns when the atomic bomb inevitably explodes near your home or school. Enjoy…

Bob Kraft

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