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One thing that angers and irritates many of us is the fraudulent use of handicapped parking spaces. So many people have access to real or counterfeit handicapped placards that I’ve become suspicious of almost anyone parked in a handicapped spot these days.

Some people get upset enough about this abuse to do something about it. One such group operates the Web site Here is their story:

Why is This Site Here? was launched as a place for community based reporting of handicapped placard abuse and fraud. Unfortunately, there is wide spread abuse of the blue placards issued to the handicapped, and there simply aren’t enough police officers to issue the tickets. was launched from personal experience, and the desire to change people’s bad habits.

I have a severely handicapped brother. When I was one of his caregivers, I drove endlessly in circles looking for suitable handicapped parking. Often, we were forced to just wait it out, and hope for a designated blue handicapped parking space to become available. We were overwhelmed by how many able bodied people slipped into these cars and drove away.

Flash forward 20 years.

My Grandfather has a blue placard issued from his Doctor. My Grandfather suffers from Macular Degeneration, is 80% blind, has dementia, and is barely mobile with the use of a walker. While driving my Grandfather to the hospital, we approached the bank of handicapped parking  spaces. Thankfully, I could see there was a single space left. As I approached, a snazzy red Corvette zipped into the handicapped parking space, and the woman rummaged in her glove box – pulling out a placard and hanging it on her rearview mirror. She jumped out of the car, doing a quick glance around and went quickly into the Hospital.

In an effort to create change, awareness needs to be brought to the public eye. These offenders seem to slip in and out of their illegal handicapped parking spaces, with no questions asked. Breaking the law every day with no repercussions.

How Does it Work?

This site depends upon you to help in the effort of bringing attention to the offendor/s. When you see an offense:

  1. Don’t confront the person. These people may be handicapped, and we don’t want to create any hassle for them. Or, they may be law breakers, and could become very agitated at being pointed out.
  2. Record their license plate number
  3. Record their placard number (on the placard itself)
  4. Leave a post-it note on their car that says they’ve been reported at

Our goal is to have hundreds or even thousands of uploads at the end of every month. A report will be generated and sent to each state’s DMV. It is then DMV’s opportunity to see trends from these reports, and track the placard number to the Doctor and patient. If abuse is detected, fines may be issued, and placards revoked. Both of these will bring awareness and change to this rampant problem.

Bob Kraft

I am a Dallas, Texas lawyer who has had the privilege of helping thousands of clients since 1971 in the areas of Personal Injury law and Social Security Disability.

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The title of this blog reflects my attitude toward those government agencies and insurance companies that routinely mistreat injured or disabled people. As a Dallas, Texas lawyer, I've spent more than 45 years trying to help those poor folk, and I have been frustrated daily by the actions of the people on the other side of their claims. (Sorry if I offended you...)

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