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Sleep Disorders And Social Security Disability

Many people suffer from various sleep disorders. The Social Security Administration recognizes a variety of causes for sleeping disorders including: Sleep Apnea, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Narcolepsy.

The first listing is 3.10 for Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. Generally this will be sleep apnea. To establish a disability under this listing Social Security is looking for one of the following: A mean pulmonary artery pressure greater than 40 mm Hg or arterial hypoxemia. This listing is very hard to achieve. A better, more realistic approach is to establish functional limitations such as daytime sleepiness and difficulty concentrating. You should also undergo a sleep study to establish the fact that you actually have sleep apnea. Remember that sleep apnea can usually be effectively treated with the use of a C-PAP machine, so before seeking disability you should consult with your doctor about treatment.

People also can have difficulty sleeping caused by psychological problems. Often, people with Bi-Polar disorder will find themselves having “racing” thoughts and unable to sleep for several days at a time. We have discussed bi-polar disorder before. For any claim based on psychological disorders you MUST seek psychological or psychiatric treatment to have any chance to prevail on your claim. Many states have laws establishing indigent mental health facilities for people with low income.

Finally, a few people suffer from Narcolepsy, which is a disease of the mind that causes you to sleep too much. Narcolepsy requires treatment from a Neurologist. It is a rare disease and must be fully documented by your doctor. It is often associated with seizures. If you think you might suffer from Narcolepsy you should contact your doctor and begin keeping a log of any seizures you are having.

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