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Featured Link – Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse

The American Association for Justice has published an interesting and helpful article titled Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse. The topics include:

  • Denying Claims
  • Delaying Until Death
  • Confusing Consumers
  • Discriminating by Credit Score
  • Abandoning the Sick
  • Canceling for a Call

Here is the summary — What you can do about it:

  • READ YOUR POLICY CAREFULLY: You should  know exactly what is covered and how to appeal a  denial by your insurance company.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL FILLING OUT FORMS: Even if you make an honest mistake your insurance  company may seize on that as a reason to retroactively  deny your coverage.
  • DO NOT CASH A PREMIUM REFUND CHECK: If your insurance company rescinds your insurance they  may send you a refund for the premiums you paid. Cashing it may be interpreted as accepting their  decision.
  • PUT EVERYTHING IN WRITING: Calling your  insurance company is likely to be a frustrating  experience, and you will not be able to prove anything  that a company representative tells you over the phone. Keep records of all bills and correspondence.
  • CONTACT YOUR STATE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT: They may be able to help you. But they will not represent you in a private matter, so if all else fails you may need to consult with an  attorney.
  • AND MOST OF ALL, DO NOT GIVE UP: Insurance companies count on you giving up. Fight for your rights.

Bob Kraft

I am a Dallas, Texas lawyer who has had the privilege of helping thousands of clients since 1971 in the areas of Personal Injury law and Social Security Disability.

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The title of this blog reflects my attitude toward those government agencies and insurance companies that routinely mistreat injured or disabled people. As a Dallas, Texas lawyer, I've spent more than 45 years trying to help those poor folk, and I have been frustrated daily by the actions of the people on the other side of their claims. (Sorry if I offended you...)

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