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Keeping Kids Safe During The Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us and many people are making their gift lists and hitting stores to find the best deals on the hottest toys for the children in their lives. But before you purchase that new toy, there are some things you should know to keep your children safe. To help with this, the Keenan’s Kids Foundations released its annual report of the “Top Ten Most Dangerous Toys.”

As many as 20% of toys currently available at many retailers do not pass governmental safety standards. This staggering number indicates toy makers still feel it is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure the toys they’re buying are safe.

The list of toys is available here:

These are not isolated cases of unsupervised children or neglectful parents. Last year, there were 18 toy-related deaths in the United States. This year that number may rise as people choose quantity over quality during tough economic times.

There are some alarming statistics regarding toy safety:

  • About 170,100 hospital emergency room visits involved treating toy-related injuries to children 15-years-old or younger.
  • Deaths resulting from toy injuries were predominantly caused by airway obstruction from small toys.
  • Most injuries included lacerations, contusions and abrasions; the head and face were affected most often.
  • The Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) top five toys to watch out for in 2008 include toys with chargers/adapters, magnets, balloons, small pieces and riding toys.

Tips for keeping children safe at play:

  • Never leave your children unattended when playing, especially with new toys.
  • Avoid giving small children toys with small or loose parts. They can present a choking hazard.
  • Ensure toys are age appropriate and children understand how to play with them safely.
  • Discard any toy that is broken or has loose parts. Do not attempt to repair them yourself.
  • Report unsafe design flaws to the manufacturer so they can assess whether a recall is appropriate.

While no toy can be considered 100% safe, with a little research and close supervision, toys given during this holiday season will bring nothing but joy to the children who receive them.

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