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Featured Link – is another of the sites where you can rat out your fellow drivers. If you see someone driving dangerously, you can file a report at this site. I’m not sure it accomplishes much other than a small sense of satisfaction, but at least that’s worth something. Here’s the description from the site:

Dangerous drivers have been the root cause of countless deaths and injuries for years.

Over 40,000 people are killed every year on American roads and highways and many of those deaths are directly attributable to reckless drivers. This website allows you to report dangerous drivers of any motor vehicle, including cars, trucks and motorcycles. When you witness a dangerous driving incident, simply get the license plate number of the vehicle. Then you will be able to post this incident on this website. An anonymous violation report is very easy to post, it takes just a few seconds to complete. After a violation report is posted, interested parties are notified via email and when possible, the owner of the vehicle is notified via mail of this violation.

With a searchable database that requires only the license plate number and the state of the plate, you can search for violation reports on any vehicle. This will give the public an opportunity to keep tabs on certain vehicles by viewing violation reports that have been previously filed. It’s also very useful to parents who’d like to know if their children are driving safely. Additionally, company owned cars, trucks and service vehicles can be tracked to ensure that they are being operated in a safe manner.

Many of us see dangerous driving everyday. Now, you will be able to file reports on those people that put so many innocent lives at risk. A variety of violations can be reported, for example: speeding, running red lights, road rage, tailgating, school zone violations or using cell phones in a reckless manner.

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