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How Long Do Social Security Disability Benefits Last?

Social Security Disability payments are different from other long term disability insurance programs. Often a private disability plan is defined, and dictates, for example, that you can only receive benefits for a specified period of time. Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits, however, may last until you are able to return to work or you reach retirement age. If you are disabled at the time you reach the age of retirement, your Social Security Disability payments will be converted over to retirement payments.

Returning to Work and Continuing Disability Review: If you return to the workforce after being found disabled, the Social Security Administration can review your case and see if you continue to be disabled. You are also entitled to a trial work period after being found disabled. How to approach working after you have been found disabled is an involved issue, and you should call to discuss it with an attorney before you begin working.

In theory, all cases are subject to a continuing disability review after a certain period of years. Depending on your age and the type of impairments involved, you should be prepared to have your case reviewed several years after your disability is awarded. It is, therefore, important to keep track of all doctors you have seen since your disability was originally granted.

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