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Please Support Mothers Against Drunk Driving

I received a nice letter today from Mothers Against Drunk Driving-North Texas, asking for a donation. I urge each of you to support this fine organization that has done so much to protect us from drunk drivers. Here is the text of the letter:

Dear MADD Supporter,

This holiday season, Mothers Against Drunk Driving-North Texas asks you to give a special gift to your friends and family: the gift of safety

In 2007 an estimated 12, 998 people died in alcohol-impaired traffic crashes involving a driver with an illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration, BAC (.08 or greater). Over 1,000 of these deaths occurred between the Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve holiday season. Texas ranks number five in the country for fatal alcohol impaired crashes – 38.4 percent of all fatal crashes in Texas involve a driver with an illegal BAC.

MADD North Texas has worked diligently since 1982 to help eliminate drunk driving and its effects in all 31 counties we serve. This past year MADD North Texas has:

  • Offered support to over 1,100 victims of drunk driving
  • Held 128 Victim Impact Panels, reaching 8,000 offenders
  • Supported 60 families through the court process
  • Held 50 adults support groups and 25 child/teen support groups
  • Educated over 16,000 children and teens about the dangers of underage drinking
  • Collected over 1,000 signatures for our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving

While we have made significant strides in our efforts, we still have a lot of work to do, and we need your help! Your contributions will aid MADD in its mission to stop drunk driving, support victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.

Please support MADD North Texas this season so we can continue to offer no cost assistance to victims, educate children and teens about the dangers of underage drinking and fight to eliminate drunk driving. To learn more about MADD North Texas or make a donation online please visit Thank You in advance for your support.

Wishing your family a safe holiday season,

Holly McCauley
Development Officer

Bob Kraft

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