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Harris County Has More Railroad Collisions Than Any Other Texas County

The Associated Press reports that Harris County is the most dangerous county in Texas for railway accidents, according to a report released Thursday by the Texas Relocation and Improvement Association. Here are the details:


Harris County reported 1,376 incidents, including derailments and collisions, from 1998 through 2007.

1,376 reported incidents including derailments, collisions, pedestrian trespassing and hazardous material releases from 1998 through 2007. The accidents killed 90 and injured 1,145.


Texas – with more railroads than any other state and more miles of track – ranks No. 1 for train-vehicle collisions – 12,271 – and deaths – 853 – at rail crossings, the group said.


The group, made up of public officials and others interested in improving transportation, says Texas should help reroute freight tracks away from urban areas and fix crossings.


  • Tarrant, 799 accidents, 39 deaths, 710 injuries.
  • Bexar, 493 accidents, 51 deaths, 519 injuries.
  • Dallas, 356 accidents, 38 deaths, 225 injuries.
  • Webb , 331 accidents, 17 deaths, 282 injuries.
  • El Paso, 282 accidents, 34 deaths, 231 injuries.
  • Jefferson, 222 accidents, eight deaths, 154 injuries.
  • Cameron, 144 accidents, seven deaths, 124 injuries.
  • Brazoria, 143 accidents, eight deaths, 112 injuries.
  • Potter, 123 accidents, nine deaths, 111 injuries.
  • Fort Bend, 121 accidents, 15 deaths, 77 injuries.
  • Bell, 116 accidents, 16 deaths, 97 injuries.

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