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Social Security Administration Tops List of Desired Minority Employers

Everyone knows the Social Security Administration assists those who wish to receive retirement, survivors, and disability benefits. But did you know the Social Security Administration is also at the top of the list of desired employers of minority groups? After readers of “Equal Opportunity Magazine” named the federal agency as the one for whom they would most like to work, Commissioner Michael J. Astrue said:

“I am honored SSA is at the top of this list,” said Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security. President Obama is calling new generations of Americans to public service. They can read this survey and know that a career at SSA is the right choice.”

The entire article is available at Social Security’s Web site. An excerpt is available below:

Equal Opportunity Magazine is a career-guidance and recruitment magazine distributed to African American, Hispanic, Native-American, and Asian-American college students and professionals in all fields, including engineering, computer science, technology, finance, business, healthcare, liberal arts, and education.

SSA also has received high marks from its employees in the 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey. The survey focuses on employee perceptions regarding critical areas of their work life, areas which drive employee satisfaction, commitment, and ultimately retention in the workforce. SSA received especially high marks from its employees for Job Satisfaction and Leadership and Knowledge Management, ranking among the Top Ten federal agencies in both categories.

“Our workforce is one of our greatest strengths,” Commissioner Astrue stated. “Despite the many challenges the agency faces, our employees continue to serve the American public with determination, empathy, creativity and integrity. This survey confirms that they embrace these challenges and have confidence in the course we are setting for the future.”

The Job Satisfaction index indicates the extent to which employees are satisfied with their jobs. Questions include: do employees think their jobs are important, enjoy the work they do and feel personally fulfilled by their service to the American public? The Leadership and Knowledge Management index indicates the extent to which employees hold their leadership in high regard. Questions include: do employees have a high level of respect for their senior leaders and do managers communicate the goals and priorities of the organization?

To see the annual ranking of the Top 50 employers by Equal Opportunity Magazine, go to

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