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Chamber of Commerce to Unveil Videos on Lawsuit Abuse

In the Law blog on the Wall Street Journal website Ashby Jones wrote, “Next month, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will unveil four short clips to run before feature films in Washington, D.C.-area movie houses.” All of the clips will attempt to illustrate “supposed ‘Lawsuit Abuse.'” Lisa Rickard, the president of the Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform, said, “Lawsuit abuse and the harm it brings to everyday Americans and small businesses is one of the great American tragedies.” She added, “That’s why the silver screen is the perfect venue for these Faces of Lawsuit Abuse short films.” Jones wrote, “We checked in with a spokesman for the AAJ, Ray DeLorenzi, who gave us this fun little quote. ‘With U.S. Chamber’s core membership receiving all those taxpayer bailouts, they must be flush with cash to waste on PR stunts like this. Like their lobbying agenda, these ads are rated NC – not suitable for consumers.'” Jones concluded, “Now, we’ll just sit back and hope that someday the AAJ’s unveils its own movie trailers. Ah, such fun.”

Roll Call reports, “The 65 organizations in the Fair Arbitration Now Coalition…are releasing a new poll today showing widespread public support for legislation that would ban the fine print that ensnares consumers in mandatory binding arbitration in everything from credit card bills to cell phone contracts.” It is being “led by Public Citizen and the American Association for Justice” who support “the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would prohibit corporations from forcing consumers into arbitration.” Roll Call adds, “The advocates at the press conference will probably want to skip the afternoon matinee at their local theater” because “that’s where the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform will begin running four short films before feature movies as part of their national ‘Faces of Lawsuit Abuse’ campaign.”

From the American Association for Justice news release.

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