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Chamber of Commerce Airs Commercials, American Association for Justice Responds

The Washington Post reported, “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce began airing two-minute commercials today in movie theaters in the Washington area and two other cities, part of an escalating campaign against frivolous lawsuits that the group says are hurting innocent victims and small businesses.” Lisa Rickard, the president of the Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform, said, “The purpose of this is really not lobbying per se, but educating the public about the impact of these abuses.” However, “Ray De Lorenzi, a spokesman for the lawyer’s group, said the trailers are little more than a gimmick and are aimed at distracting attention from legislation introduced last week barring forced arbitration clauses in consumer contracts. He also said he doubted that most film patrons would appreciate being subjected to the two-minute, documentary-style ads.” De Lorenzi added in reference to the economic crisis that “now more than ever we’ve learned what happens when corporations are not held accountable for their actions.”

From the American Association for Justice news release.

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