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EPA Finds High Amounts of Sulfur in Chinese Drywall

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Recently concluded tests by the Environmental Protection Agency showed that Chinese-made drywall has high amounts of sulfur, which isn’t commonly found in U.S. drywall.” Also, “Strontium levels and iron concentrations were significantly higher in the imported wallboard, which…included the presence of two organic compounds associated with acrylic paints.” Now, “some homeowners are also worried that the material is making them ill, prompting some to leave their homes.” However, “actual health effects aren’t known, and the Florida health department has said there’s no evidence that gases emitted from the wallboard poses a serious health risk.”

Southwest Florida’s Herald Tribune reports, “Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, along with Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., filed a budget amendment Wednesday seeking $2 million in emergency funding for Chinese drywall testing.” Nelson said, “This is an enormous problem.”

From the American Association for Justice news release

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