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Citing Strangulation Risk, CPSC Recalls Thousands of Window Shades

In yet another recall (How many different recalls of window shades will it take before all the deadly ones are off the market?), the CPSC has warned consumers about the hazards associated with these devices.

NBC Nightly News (12/15, lead story, 3:50, Williams) reported, “The federal government reached about as far into American homes as they possibly could today and they did it right through the windows. They are also telling all of us it’s for our own good. Today they launched one of the largest product recalls in American history.”

CBS Evening News (12/15, story 7, 0:20, Couric) reported, “More than 50 million Roman-style shades and rollup blinds are being recalled because their cords can strangle a child. In fact, since 2001, eight children have died after their necks got caught in the cords of these shades and blinds.”

ABC World News (12/15, story 5, 2:00, Gibson) reported that the recall “is causing big confusion. Consumers calling the recall hotline today heard an automated message offering repair kits for blinds that are not part of the recall. And the confusion continued at stores.”

In a story appearing on at least 332 news websites, the AP reported, “The Consumer Product Safety Commission said five deaths and 16 near-strangulations from Roman shades have been reported since 2006, while three deaths connected to roll-up blinds have been reported since 2001.” The commission “and the industry urged parents to examine all shades and blinds in the home and make sure they have no accessible cords.” Several major retailers, “including Wal-Mart, JCPenney and Pottery Barn, are also participating in the recall.” reported, “CPSC said it is working with the Window Covering Safety Council, an industry trade group, to provide repair kits for Roman shades and roll-up blinds sold at retailers.” The repair “will eliminate the cord from the Roman shades and instead provide rings for consumers to install.”

From the American Association for Justice news release.

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