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Chinese Toys Go From Bad To Worse?

When the U.S. government finally pressured China to stop making baby toys with lead, a potentially poisonous substance that can cause brain damage when ingested, many of us assumed this was a good thing for our kids. But now we find out that Chinese manufacturers apparently have substituted an even more lethal metal for the lead — cadmium. Cadmium is a naturally-occurring metal that is used in batteries and paint coloring, among other things.

The Associated Press has reported that cadmium is now being used in charm bracelets and other cheap jewelry intended for children. As anyone who has been a parent knows, kids put almost everything in their mouths, including bracelets. Exposure to cadmium can result in learning disabilities in children, just as lead can. It could even cause death if the exposure was significant enough.

Please be careful when purchasing any toys or jewelry manufactured in China, and monitor news reports to keep yourself informed on this subject.

Bob Kraft

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