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More Trouble for Toyota — Possible Corolla Recall

When will the bad news end for Toyota?! Now there is talk, as reported at, of a recall of the Corolla — Toyota’s most popular vehicle. The problem apparently lies in the power steering of 2009 and 2010 models. More than 35 million Corollas have been sold since the model was introduced in 1966. Toyota seems unclear on the reasons why they are receiving so many steering complaints on these most recent Corollas.

I’ve posted so much recently on the problems facing Toyota that I feel compelled to say that my family and I are big Toyota fans. We have owned several Toyota and Lexus vehicles over the years, with no significant problems. No problems unless you count the discovery that not even a big Lexus sedan will go through three feet of standing water with no ill effects. I found that out the hard way when I forgot there was a dip in the road I was driving on in a heavy rain…

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