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How ‘Black Boxes’ Help in Car Crash Reconstructions

Should “black boxes” be mandatory in all vehicles? That’s one of the questions addressed in an article in USA Today. The article is lengthy, but interesting. Here are the opening paragraphs:

When it comes to “black boxes” in cars, there’s one thing everyone from regulators to automakers agrees upon: These onboard crash-data recorders have their limitations.

Even so, in alleged unintended-acceleration incidents, there may be no better way to try to figure out whether the car or the driver is to blame.

Prompted by Toyota’s recalls and questions about whether they fully remedy possible runaways, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering whether to require so-called black boxes — officially “event data recorders” or EDRs — in every vehicle sold in the USA. It estimates that two-thirds of new cars now come with them; about 40% of the cars on the road have them.

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