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Friday Fun

One of the few pleasures we non-drinkers get is the ability to watch other people make idiots of themselves, without having to worry about the same thing happening to us. The Huffington Post has collected ten videos of seriously drunk folk fighting with inanimate objects. A couple of the videos are pretty long, but worth watching. If this doesn’t make you stop binge drinking, nothing will. Warning — PG-13 language involved in a couple of the videos. Here is the description:

The Internet has proven time and again that drunk people can be hilarious. Remember the David Hasselhoff cheeseburger video? It’s just one of the many classics. That being said, when a drunk person fights an inanimate object, everybody wins. Whether the drunkard’s fight is against a tent, his flip-flops, or a mildly steep hill, when you’ve had this much to drink, everything becomes an epic battle. Now, we don’t like to see drunk people hurting themselves or others, and certainly don’t advocate EVER getting as inebriated as the folks in the videos below, but you can’t argue the hilarity in watching a guy wrestle with his OWN pants. Check out these hilarious battles and vote for the best!

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