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Five Safe Driving Tips for Winter

With the weather forecast for this week in Dallas, it’s time to bring back a post from 2008:

Heading into winter, the roads become a more dangerous place for drivers, no matter how safe your car is. In order to limit your risk, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you’re prepared for the onset of snow, sleet and ice on the roads:

  • Consider Investing in Snow Tires

If you live in an area where it snows early and often, then you may want to consider investing in a new set of snow tires. Even if you have a front or all-wheel drive car, snow tires will still improve your traction on the road, making it much easier to brake and turn, even under the most adverse weather conditions.

  • Ensure Your Rear Defrost, Coolant and Washer Fluid Levels are Filled

When the weather truly turns, you’ll want to ensure you can leverage the complete capabilities of your vehicle  to ward off inclement weather. This means ensuring that your car’s fluid levels, from defrost, coolant and washer fluids are filled. While you’ll still likely have to de-ice your car by hand, these fluids will make your driving experience a bit easier in winter conditions.

  • Always Have a Fully-Charged Cell Phone on the Road

No matter how prepared you may be for winter weather conditions, having a charged cellular phone will provide an insurance policy in case you need to call for help. To ensure that someone will be there to help you tow or re-start your car in poor conditions, consider investing in a road-side assistance program such as AAA.

  • Drive More Slowly and Cautiously in Poor Weather

If you need to drive during a snow or ice storm, then you may want to consider waiting it out. On the other hand, if your transportation is absolutely necessary due to a job or other obligation, then take special care to drive more cautiously than you normally would: always stop at yellow lights, come to a complete stop a stop signs, be aware of other drivers on the road, and keep your speed well below the speed limit.  Keep your braking gentle and resist that temptation to pass slower vehicles such as trucks.

  • Stay Alert At All Times

Keep your hands firmly on the wheel and your attention focused on the road: limit your use of cruise control, cell phones, and loud radios when driving in winter weather; you’ll need complete concentration to ensure that you safely arrive at your destination.

This guest post was written by Ms. Maya Richard – she is currently writing about software, cable TV, and high speed Internet.

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