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Study Reveals Grandparents Better Drivers Than Parents

Here’s an interesting tidbit from a recent study by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia — grandparents may be better drivers than are parents. One of the many places this was reported was on the SmartAboutHealth site:

Most statistics on car crashes indicate an increase in accidents as drivers age, especially after age 65. In a recent study of car crashes that examined the injury rate for child passengers, grandparents were found to be safer drivers than parents. The study was done by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The researchers reviewed State Farm insurance claims for the years 2003-2007. The claims were filed in 15 states. Children up to age 15 were involved. Altogether, almost 12,000 children were involved. The researchers also conducted interviews with some of the drivers involved.

The children who were passengers of their parents had an injury rate 1.05 percent. Children who were riding with their grandparents had an injury rate of 0.70 percent, 33 percent lower. The injuries were similar for both groups, broken bones and head injuries, including concussions. There were not enough deaths involved in claims to warrant any study.

The lead author of the study was Dr. Fred Henretig, an emergency medicine specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He became interested in the subject after he became a grandfather at age 60. He attributes the lower injuries to extra caution when driving their “precious cargo” as he described grandchildren.

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