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Holiday Decorations and Injury Risks

The holiday season is marked by a wide range of different traditions, from caroling and gingerbread houses to candy canes and mistletoe. One of the most popular and enduring of these traditions is putting up holiday decorations, whether on a Christmas tree, around the house, or in public places. Unfortunately, this tradition poses some serious risks for those who engage in it. In fact, according to statistics compiled by the CDC, thousands of Americans each year are injured in fall-related accidents while putting up Christmas decorations.

One of the most common causes of injuries incurred while decorating for the holidays is slip and fall accidents. Particularly because of icy conditions during the wintertime and the precarious position that standing high on ladders to hang lights and other decorations can put a person in, it’s important to be aware of the risks that putting up holiday decorations can pose and what you can do to prevent a serious injury from occurring.

The following are some useful tips for what you can do to help avoid a slip and fall injury while putting up decorations and stay safe during the holiday season:

  • ŸWatch out for extension cords. Lots of holiday decorations require electricity to power them, and extension cords can help to make it possible to put your decorations where you want them. However, if extension cords are left in areas of high foot traffic, they can become a slip and fall hazard, potentially causing decorators and others to trip over the cord if they’re not careful. Therefore, it’s important to always be on the lookout for extension cords around holiday decorations.
  • ŸHave someone hold your ladder. If you’re hanging decorations in tall spaces and need to use a ladder, you should have someone secure the base to ensure that it doesn’t tip over, bringing you down with it. In fact, falls from ladders ranked as the most common cause of holiday decoration-related injuries, according to the CDC.
  • ŸAvoid wet or slippery areas. Ice and snow in the wintertime can cause outdoor walkways to become slippery and wet, increasing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident occurring. Avoiding wet or slippery areas can help to prevent this type of accident.

These and other safety measures can help to ensure that you aren’t involved in a serious accident during the holiday season.

This guest post is from Abby Pearson. Abby is a professional blogger who works for a wide range of clients, including dental professionals, cleaning companies, and a personal injury lawyer.

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