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Today is 12-12-12

Today’s date will be unique in our lifetimes. Well, except for those who will still be living 100 years from now. That small group will definitely not include me, and, if you’re reading this without help from a grownup, it probably won’t include you either.

So instead of doing a normal blog post, I’m just going to refer you to a page full of useless information about the number twelve and the date 12-12-12. Here’s a small sample:

The number 12 is a unique, interesting, and very useful number. The unique usefulness of the number 12 has been recognized by mathematicians, scientists, meta-physicists, and society in general since the beginning of recorded human history.

The usefulness of this number derives from its divisibility. There are relatively few small numbers that can be evenly divided into so many subsets. The number 12 can be evenly divided into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and twelfths. Multiples of 12, by definition, retain this divisibility.

The inherent divisibility is the reason that the number 12, and its multiplies, are so intertwined into our society. We use it here, there, and everywhere for our time logistics. We use it here, there, and everywhere for our space logistics.We use it here, there, and everywhere for other stuff as well.

Bob Kraft

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