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What YOU Can Do to Reduce Your Health Insurance Premiums

Health insurance is an important necessity, but it is also costly if you aren’t careful. Insurance premiums vary in price based on your health conditions and lifestyle factors. In some cases your preexisting conditions may also play a role in how much your bill is. If money is tight, you can follow a few steps to lower your premiums and have more money in your pocket for when emergency strikes.

Keep Tabs on Your General Health

If you could afford to shed a few pounds, it’s probably a good idea to do so. Maintaining healthy weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol goes a long way in lowering your overall health insurance cost. Obesity is a major cost for healthcare providers, so staying at a healthy weight will be helpful.

Exercise, eat healthier, and eliminate foods that cause high cholesterol. Your doctor will be pleased, and you will spend less on your healthcare overall. Your insurance provider can help you figure out how much you’ll save by incorporating healthier habits into your regimen.

Throw Away Your Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, quit smoking today. It’s never too late to kick the habit. There are plenty of programs out there to help you quit and stay off of nicotine for good. This one thing can make a big difference in your health insurance costs.

Calm Down

While you may think it’s a good idea to post a funny picture of yourself doing something dangerous, your health insurance company might not agree. It’s true that extreme hobbies and lifestyles can lead to higher premiums. Skydiving, rock climbing, deep sea diving, and parasailing are all included. Some sports like boxing may also be included.

If these things are important to you, then don’t quit. If you would rather save money on insurance costs, give them up for good.

Reassess Your Health Needs Periodically

Your health needs one year may not be the same the next year. If you have made substantial changes to your health, go over your plan and change things. You aren’t stuck with the same plan year after year. Ask yourself important questions regarding your health and the health of your family. Is family planning coverage necessary? Do your children get sick often? Do you need a lot of medications?

Try to Think Ahead

It’s difficult to know what health coverage you will need in a week or a year. However, planning ahead to some degree will help you keep your premiums low and affordable. Family planning coverage is important for those who want children. If you plan to become pregnant within a year, get that coverage now. Don’t go without health insurance if you can help it. Medical bills are costly without protection, and having insurance will make your life easier and give you peace of mind.

This guest post is from Lisa Humbert, home decorator, foodie, and prenatal yoga instructor. Lisa hikes every week and writes every day. She’s always happy to share ideas on remodeling and how to live a healthy, productive, stress-free life.

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