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Maker of Buckyballs Magnets Will End Sales of the Product Due to Safety Concerns, Drawn-Out Legal Dispute

The New York Times reports, “The maker of the magnetic toys called Buckyballs announced that it would stop selling them this week because of a legal and public relations dispute with Federal regulators.” Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, the company that had made the toys, “said the decision was caused by a ‘long-running and costly legal dispute’ with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which said that Buckyballs and similar products made from rare-earth magnets were dangerous because children have been severely injured after swallowing them.” As the Times recounts, “in July, the safety commission took the relatively rare step of filing an administrative complaint against Maxfield & Oberton, demanding that the company stop making the product, warn consumers that Buckyballs are dangerous and offer them a refund.”

Reuters also covers this story.

From the American Association for Justice news release.

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