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ATF Searching for Clues in West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast

CNN reports from West, TX, that “investigators are combing through the charred remains of a fertilizer distributor leveled by a massive explosion one week ago.” CNN continues, “Much of the landscape surrounding the West Fertilizer Co. in West, Texas, is unrecognizable,” but “amid the devastation, forensic mappers are hoping to find clues. Officials face a difficult […]

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Athletics and Traumatic Brain Injury

This guest post is from the Joye Law Firm. We often hear the phrase: “the world is a dangerous place.” The planet is not only filled with emotional problems and mental stressors, but many physical hazards as well. While there are a number of dangers faced by individuals living in the world today, the development […]

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Friday Fun is the source of many of those cartoons you see on Facebook. This is one I like:

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Six Tips on Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you want to learn more about filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits I should suggest you just order our book, 9 Fatal Mistakes Social Security Disability Claimants Make. But if you just want some quick tips, columnist Tom Margenau addressed this in a recent column. I recommend you read the entire article, […]

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West Explosion Raises Regulatory Questions

This thought-provoking article is by Kate Galbraith, of The Texas Tribune: Recovery efforts continued in West, after the town was devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion. And as investigators search for the cause of the explosion, environmentalists said that the situation highlighted lax regulations in Texas for plants handling dangerous chemicals. So far there are […]

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How Might Driverless Cars Affect Liability?

Sudden obstacles in the road, traffic lights out at the intersection ahead or the driver in front of you coming to a screeching stop when you least expect it are all unnerving in a moving vehicle. They’re also common hazards of being behind the wheel. But these dangers are being minimized through development of new […]

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Chiropractors Are Under a Duty to Disclose Possible Risks of Treatment to Their Patients

This guest post is by Todd Carter, Staff Writer for Michael J. Brennan’s Law Blog. A reasonable person should know the possible risks in the treatment or surgical procedure in order to make a decision to give or withhold the consent to the treatment or surgical procedure. If the physician or healthcare provider is negligent […]

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Texas House Gives Final Approval to Texting Ban Bill

If at first you don’t succeed… From the Dallas Morning News: A statewide ban on texting while driving won final passage in the Texas House with a 97-45 vote this week. The legislation by Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland, now heads to the Senate. It’s unclear what its final outcome will be if it reaches Gov. […]

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Friday Fun

My wife loves this video of a two-year-old dancing boy, and I think it’s hilarious also. Enjoy!

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Why Truck Accidents Can Be Deadly

This fascinating graphic is courtesy of the Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm of Matthew L. Willens.

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