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Poll Shows How Unhappy Texans are with Their Insurance Companies

A recent survey conducted by an Austin-based consumer advocacy group describes just how unhappy Texans are with insurance companies. The survey interviewed individuals all over Texas with different backgrounds, demographics, and even political parties. Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians all agreed that insurance companies are taking advantage of policies and treating claim holders unfairly.

Consumers across the board agreed that they are paying more to receive less. Deductibles and premiums continue to increase while benefits seem to be decreasing. Those who were interviewed saw this as a trend with insurance companies. Consumers were unhappy with the routine disrespect from insurance companies.

Not only are insurance companies rising rates and decreasing benefits, they seem to be making it more difficult for consumers to get easier access to the courts when unfair acts and underpaid claims occur.

The story was detailed at Here are excerpts:

A statewide public opinion survey of 603 active Texas voters reveals widespread public support for protecting the right to hire an attorney to pursue their interests when a policyholder believes their insurance company has unfairly denied, delayed or underpaid a legitimate claim.

The survey was sponsored by Texas Watch, an Austin-based consumer advocacy group, and conducted by Hill Research Consultants, a nationally respected Republican opinion-research firm. In the field March 21-25, 2013, and using a 25% “cell-phone only” household sample, results have a margin of error of +/-4.0%. To avoid biasing results, particular care was taken in crafting the survey questionnaire to objectively describe the current legislative climate and regulatory structure, fairly represent both insurance-industry and consumer-rights positions, and rotate the order of questions and arguments presented.

Key findings include intense voter agreement—across political, ideological and geographic lines—that…

  • Insurance companies “routinely” deny or underpay legitimate claims and unnecessarily delay legal proceedings in the hope policyholders will simply give up before receiving what they are due—78% agree, 55% “strongly”
  • With higher premiums, larger deductibles & expanded exclusions, it seems like consumers are paying more and more for home & auto insurance these days while getting less and less in return—84% agree, 60% “strongly”
  • Policyholders should have easier access to the courts, and companies should potentially face stiffer fines and penalties, when a claim has been unfairly denied, delayed or underpaid—88% agree, 61% “strongly”

Perhaps to the surprise of some, when asked to choose the best approach to balancing consumer rights with discouraging frivolous lawsuits, Republicans and “Tea Partiers” are as likely as Democrats and liberals to prefer that legislators…

Streamline & Simplify

the process for consumers to seek redress in court

Focus on Other

more important issues because the current approach works

Further Shield

insurance companies by increasing restrictions on claims

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