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Take the Time Now to Protect Yourself From Home Invasion

This guest post is from Ken Collins, a photographer and freelance writer who lives in Las Vegas.

Being confronted with one or more strangers in your home during a home invasion can cause paralyzing fear. Unfortunately, thinking about this type of event falls into the latter category for many individuals. If you learn about your options before the situation occurs, you will have a better chance of defending your home and family.

Examine Your Home and Surroundings

If you have lived in your home for a long period, you may feel you know it well. If the lights are off in your home, can you find your way to a door safely? How easy is it to open your bathroom or kitchen window for an escape? Consider the first part of your preparation to be similar to a fire safety plan. The best course of action is to get out and get out quickly.

Defend Yourself

Consider your defense choices in different locations of your home. If you are in your living room or bedroom, your first thought might be to throw a lamp at an intruder. Unfortunately, if the lamp is plugged in, it may not go far. Now, if you happen to have a can of pepper spray, you can slow an intruder down for at least 10 minutes, according to

Your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area offer several options for self defense. Cleaning products, including bleach or ammonia, can be thrown at an intruder. Aim for the face; the intruder will try to protect this area even if the person is wearing a mask, according to An aerosol can of hair spray will shoot a nice stream of stickiness. A pump type will not work as well.

A can of wasp spray, the type that emits a stream of foam, can hit your target from many feet away. The product is designed to keep you a safe distance from the wasps. A common fire extinguisher will also provide a solid stream of unwelcome chemicals to an intruder’s face. When the chemicals run out, throw the extinguisher at the individual and run.

Make sure you check your state laws. Some laws allow for you to legally carry a firearm as long as it is registered and you pass all background checks. If you choose to purchase a firearm, make sure you test it out first at a gun range before a break-in happens. This way, you will be able to protect your family and yourself the right way.

While some of these methods may make you flinch, remember that it is you and your family against them. The intruder does not care about your well-being. If you are faced with a gun, your best option is to distract and get away.

Stop an Invasion

Keep shrubs trimmed back from windows and strong lighting on your doors. Investing in even the smallest alarm system will provide more protection. Alarm monitoring services provide 24-hour monitoring for things such as fire, freezing, flooding, and carbon monoxide detection, according to If you cannot afford monitoring, a really loud siren can scare away intruders. If you can add bright flashing lights to the system, even better.

You can use an inexpensive window alarm for windows that are inviting to intruders, ones that are sheltered from view. Make sure that your exterior doors have dead bolts and you actually use them. If you have an attached garage, both the exterior door and the door leading into your home need solid locking mechanisms.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scout motto can make a significant difference if you are faced with a home invasion. Take the time now to learn about options for securing your home and family.

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