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Diet Sodas Tied to a Number of Health Problems

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of breaking my addiction to Diet Cokes. I haven’t had a sip of any soda since then. So this item in the American Association for Justice news release certainly caught my attention.

The Indianapolis Star reports that an opinion piece published online July 10 in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism “has found that diet sodas may be linked to a number of health problems from obesity to diabetes to heart disease, just like their more sugary counterparts.”

On its website, CBS News reports that the opinion piece, which “reviewed recent research papers,” found that “just drinking one diet drink a day was enough to create a significantly heightened chance of developing one of these disorders.” What’s more, “other evidence showed that consuming artificial sweeteners often leads to weight gain.”

The CNN “The Chart” blog reports, “Fake sugar teases your body by pretending to give it real food. But when your body doesn’t get the things it expects to get, it becomes confused on how to respond.” In other words, “on a physiological level, this means when diet soda drinkers consume real sugar, the body doesn’t release the hormone that regulates blood sugar and blood pressure.” Also covering the story are the Fox News website, the NPR “The Salt” blog, HealthDay, and Medscape.

Bob Kraft

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