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Asiana Airlines Offers San Francisco Crash Survivors $10,000 Each

At least they’re offering something, but I don’t think I would volunteer to go through such an experience for $10,000. Would you?

NBC Nightly News broadcast that Asiana Airlines has said that it plans to give each person, who survived the crash at San Francisco, an initial compensation of $10,000 to pay for hospital and transportation costs, as well as other expenses. According to the report, the carrier said that the payment “will not prevent passengers from” filing lawsuits seeking greater compensation.

Bloomberg News reports that Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyo Min said that the company could potentially pay more after the NTSB finishes its probe into the crash. The article adds that Lee indicated “288 passengers,” who survived the accident, “are eligible for the payment.”

The New York Daily News reports that Lee said that the NTSB’s probe is expected to take over a year to complete.

The Washington Times also covers the story.

Lawsuits filed over Asiana 214 crash. In continuing coverage of the aftermath of the Asiana 214 plane crash, the AP reports now on the three families who “have sued Boeing over the deadly crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, alleging that coach passengers suffered more serious injuries than business class travelers because of different seatbelt configurations.” Filed Thursday in Federal court in San Francisco, the lawsuits “say some coach passengers wearing only lap belts suffered head and spinal injuries that could have been prevented by shoulder restraints available in the more expensive and roomy business class seats toward the front of the airliner,” also claiming that “Asiana failed to properly train its pilots, and that the plane’s auto-throttle was inadequate.” Marc Birtel, the Boeing spokesperson in the article, “has said the Federal Aviation Administration mandates seatbelt setups on planes.”

From the American Association for Justice news release.

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