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Friday Fun

Why do we still use pennies in our currency? They’re more trouble than they’re worth (literally). If you earn $10 per hour, a penny is worth 3.6 seconds of your time. So if you take more than 3.6 seconds to spot a penny on the ground and pick it up, you actually lost money.

But here’s one reason to keep pennies around: there are a lot of fun facts about them. Did you know that if you take 16 pennies and stack them, they equal one inch? And if you take those same 16 pennies and lay them side by side, they equal one foot. Fascinating, right? Visit this site and you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about pennies — from one single penny to one quintillion pennies.

Bob Kraft

I am a Dallas, Texas lawyer who has had the privilege of helping thousands of clients since 1971 in the areas of Personal Injury law and Social Security Disability.

About This Blog

The title of this blog reflects my attitude toward those government agencies and insurance companies that routinely mistreat injured or disabled people. As a Dallas, Texas lawyer, I've spent more than 45 years trying to help those poor folk, and I have been frustrated daily by the actions of the people on the other side of their claims. (Sorry if I offended you...)

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