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A Simple & Portable Back Pain Helper: The Zero Gravity Chair

This guest post is from Sophia Peters, a technology writer for a number of blogs. She works at a big-box electronics store during the day.

You’ve lived with the back pain for longer than you can remember, and to all outward appearances it’s only getting worse. Are you starting to look like a human question mark the way you’re bent over at the waist with your shoulders hunched up around your neck? An innovative “space-age” chair might be the help you’re looking for. If you are at the point were you will give just about anything a try if it promised to relieve the unremitting pain in your back.

Alternative to Medication

No one wants to pop pain pills for the rest of their life. While medication can temporarily relieve your back pain, it is not a solution. You want to feel like yourself.

Zero-gravity chairs are being recommended by doctors all over the U.S. The chair positions you in a way that minimizes the effect of gravity on your body. Your back is parallel to the ground, your hips and knees are bent. It might look funny, but it feels amazing. The knees are supported above the chest, which releases muscle tension and melts pain away. Christina Lasich, MD, writes on that she recommends this chair to many of her patients who present pain issues.

Have You Every Heard of an Astronaut with a Bad Back?

Some call these anit-gravity chairs “astronaut chairs” because it is a common position for astronauts, especially in lift off. That said, down here on earth gravity is nothing but a drag, and if you find yourself, more often than not, cursing Sir Isaac Newton for his observations on the subject then perhaps it’s time to check out a zero-gravity style of chair to help relieve that back pain.

Zero-gravity chairs completely support the human form amidst the feeling of weightlessness and comfort. Highly adjustable, these chairs are made for versatility. This versatility allows the user to recline at multiple angles, sit upright, or lean forward with the chair cushioning the body. A zero-gravity chair eliminates that stress by evenly supporting the weight of the person for optimal relaxation, while reducing pressure on the spine and ribcages of the sitter.

A Chair that is more Portable than Your Back…

Happily, you don’t need to go to space to enjoy the advantages afforded by zero-gravity. You can go just about every place else though. That’s because manufacturers have produced a wide array of styles and shapes that serve to accommodate just about every lifestyle.

From the permanent to the portable, zero-gravity chairs can seemingly cost as much as a trip to the International Space Station, or as little as two large pizzas. For instance, you can buy an Avon zero-gravity love seat, by Relax the Back for as much as $2500, while a portable Caravan Sports Zero Gravity chair, available in multiple colors, might only set you back as little as $50 bucks.

As mentioned, these chairs not only support your body, they also support an active lifestyle. You won’t need to feel confined to your living room to enjoy the benefits of a zero-gravity chair while flipping through the channels. Indeed, according to, their full suite of services is available for the on-the-go family with DIRECTV nomad. Just download you favorite show, grab your portable zero-gravity chair and head on out the door.

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