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A Legal Guide for the Thailand Tourists to Make Your Tour a Grand One

This guest post is from Alisa Martin, a proficient writer who has vast knowledge on law. She contributes articles on laws of different countries including Phuket law.

Thailand is definitely an astounding tourist attraction. Huge numbers of tourists visit this place every year. But, all the tourists do not behave like civilized people. There many visitors who get swayed by the immense fun and enjoyment of visiting a new place and tend to break the law and order of the place. Tourists often forget that even the smallest violation of Thai law can result in ruining of both money and time during their holidays in this exotic place.

Therefore, although you should have ultimate enjoyment in your tour of Thailand,it is also necessary that you are well informed about Thai law so that your time spent in Thailand becomes a splendid one. Let’s see some of the laws and penalties.


Previously, tourists in Thailand had the privilege of ordering their last alcoholic beverages until the onset of dawn. But those glory days are gone and now all discos, massage parlors, clubs, and bars can be legally open only until midnight. Like any other place, Thailand law has also specified the legal age of drinking. Also, drinking is strictly prohibited in certain places like educational institutions, temples, petrol stations, and so on.

Another restriction of Thai law with regard to alcohol is this beverage cannot be sold between 2pm and 5pm. On religious holidays, sale of alcohol is also banned.

Thailand Law is Strict and Has Many Punishable Offenses

Driving and Parking

Do you intend to drive in Thailand? You should know some of the laws related to this. For driving in this country, there are certain things that you should fulfill, such as:

  • the driver must be 18 years of age or older
  • should have an International Driver License
  • must have a Thai visa and a copy of Passport information
  • those sitting in the front seat, as well as the driver should wear seat belts
  • drunk driving is strictly prohibited

Together with these, there are parking fines and rules. There are different parking signs on the curbsides made readable for the tourists. You should have correct information about these parking signs.

Fraudulent Indentification and Documents

Vendors with fake identity are plentiful in tourist destinations as well. If you are caught displaying false documents and fake identity, you can be subject to imprisonment. According to law, it is illegal to have false documents; similarly, it is also illegal to make use of false information. As a penalty for false documentation, you can be imprisoned for 6 to 10 months.

Not only this, there are other penalties and restrictions with regard to customs, marital law, scams, and so on. There are cases of foreign prisoners in this country. So, when you are visiting any place, you should be quite aware of the laws and rules of that place so that your journey remains safe.

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