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Six Personal Injury Prevention Smartphone Apps for Families

This guest post is from Marc Reese, a young dad and mobile Web designer. When he’s not writing about how technology and business co-exist, he’s teaching his 2-year-old how to shout “YES” during NFL football games.

Mobile apps seem to give us superpowers, from preventing falls at the workplace to keeping little ones out of the emergency room. Mobile technologies are now designed to keep our families free of injuries. Check out the following apps that can keep you and your kids safe, whether you’re at the soccer field or the workplace.

Sports & Recreational Apps

The following apps help keep active individuals, who play sports casually or plan to trek up Mt. Everest, safe and healthy.

Back Injury Prevention: Back pain can be debilitating for a fitness fanatic or outdoor enthusiast. Iglimpse technologies help assess posture to determine current spinal health and risks of injury. Use the app’s healthy back workouts and chiropractor-recommended exercises to achieve a strong and supple back. This app will serve as the support you need to strengthen muscles and eliminate back and neck aches.

Running Injury Prevention: ASICS’ Adaptive Running app helps prevent common running injuries like sprains, acl tears and back problems because it “features adaptive training plans,” according to Customize a running plan on your smartphone by answering the question, “what can you currently run?” and “how long does it take for you to run that distance?” Because the app focuses on training, you’ll hit goals — safely. It’s also structured to increase anaerobic threshhold, which reduces the risk of injury.

Occupational & Job-Related Apps

The National Safety Council estimated that approximately $70 billion dollars in workers’ compensation claims and medical costs are associated with occupational falls each year in the U.S. According to OSHA, common workplace injuries, such as falls and chemical exposure, can occur when hazardous waste or equipment is not stored properly. Mitigate these injuries with the following apps:

Fall Prevention: Fallproof helps accurately calculate the required fall clearance based upon the equipment being used. It also calculates the anchorage point height with its fall distance calculator.

Chemical-related Injury Prevention: ChemAlert reduces risk by evaluating new chemicals. The application software tracks and reports chemical storage, performs risk assessments and identifies chemical alternatives. The ChemAlert app supports chemical safety management with valuable information, such as Hazards and GHS Classifications, Risk and Safety Phrases, and First Aid.

Injury Prevention Apps

Kids suffer from minor injuries like cuts and scrapes daily. It’s all part of being a kid. But prevent visits to the ER with the following apps.

Head injury Prevention: Almost half a million children younger than age 14 visit the emergency room for traumatic brain injuries, and the concussion is the leading cause. The safety Headsup app developed by helps parents spot symptoms of a concussion. You no longer have to question if it’s just a casual head bump.

Remaining Injury-Free: Spriggy Safe engages children in a game to keep an imaginary friend safe. Kids will pick up tips relating to the real world that help them prevent slips and falls, burns, accidental poisoning, bike injuries, and vehicle accidents.

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