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Three Common Types of Medical Negligence

Here is a view from Great Britain of medical malpractice.

The thought of having to go for an operation or medical procedure is a daunting one, however, the vast majority of medical professionals are extremely talented and therefore can be trusted to get things right. Unfortunately though, we also hear of cases where things haven’t gone right, resulting in absolutely devastating consequences such as permanent disability for the victim, which can also have a big impact on their close friends and family.

It’s important that if you have been hurt due to incorrect medical treatment that you look into what your options are for claiming compensation. Many people are unsure whether they would be entitled to anything, so to help you out we will talk about three of the most common types of medical negligence.


There are a couple of ways a patient can be misdiagnosed. In one way, they may have been told that they are not ill, despite them going to their doctor because they are worried about their symptoms. Another is if a doctor believes they are ill and has run tests, but has diagnosed their illness to be something different to what it actually is and has therefore provided them with the wrong treatment. Both of these can end up in the victim not receiving the correct care, and this can lead to devastating consequences. It’s particularly notable for cancer sufferers, who, if not diagnosed at a very early stage, may find that their chances of survival are greatly reduced.

Orthopaedic injuries

Old age unfortunately creeps up on us all at some point. However, after working for your whole life and paying your taxes and national insurance, you would expect that you would be adequately cared for as you are no longer able to do many of the things which you were once able to do. Of course, this is the case in the majority of instances, yet there are some who will become victims of medical negligence. Common problems arise from issues during surgery, which cause even more pain or discomfort after the operation has taken place. Older people also end up suffering with a number of ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis – if these are not diagnosed correctly by the medical professionals, there can be dire consequences for the patient.

Birth injuries

While expectant parents don’t like to think of anything going wrong during childbirth (and they very rarely do), there are cases where injuries occur to either the baby or the mother due to inadequate medical care being provided. Whether it’s something like the umbilical cord becoming wrapped around the baby’s neck, or an injury being caused during a complicated forceps delivery, the midwives and doctors need to ensure that they are giving exactly the right treatment in what is a very time-sensitive procedure.

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When we receive medical treatment we expect the very best, whether we are using the NHS or have gone to a private clinic. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. If you have been victim of any of the types of medical negligence mentioned in this blog post, or have suffered from something else which you believe you should be entitled to make a compensation claim for, visit Quality Solicitors for more information.

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