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Your First Criminal Offense? Six Tips To Picking The Right Lawyer

This guest post is from Ms. April Labarron, a native of Southern California who has her BA in English/Literature from MSJC in Menifee, Ca. She views her freelance writing, not only as a career, but as her passion.

Criminal offenses can range from driving under the influence (DUI) to simple damage to property. Individuals accused of a crime must have legal representation to mount a proper defense. Choosing a lawyer is not always simple. Six tips will help when trying to pick the right attorney.

Experience in Criminal Law

The attorney should have experience practicing criminal law and handling the specific charges the defendant is facing. A person facing a DUI charge will want to hire someone like DUI attorney Bradley Corbett who has experience with these types of cases. Lawyers who have recently handled similar criminal cases will provide the best defense.


The caseload of the attorney should be examined to ensure the practice is not too busy for a new client. Some firms have large caseloads that will interfere with representation and appointments. This can become very frustrating for clients. It is a good idea to choose an attorney with a light to moderate caseload.

Communication and Personality

Defendants should judge the personality of an attorney during a live meeting. The personality of the attorney should make potential clients feel comfortable and at ease. The attorney should be able to clearly communicate with clients. This will make it much easier to trust the lawyer and to contribute to the defense.

Payment Structure

Lawyers have a large number of possible payments structures for clients. The way legal fees are handled should be fully understood before making a decision. Attorneys could charge a single flat fee, an hourly rate or a combination of the two. The fees should be reasonable and affordable for the legal services provided.

Local Experience

Criminal laws and statues in each state are different. They can also be different in each city or municipality. The lawyer should have experience with local criminal cases. These types of attorneys can help navigate the California DUI legal process before and after a case. They could even fight to allow a driver to keep a license after a DUI. Local experience allows attorneys to provide the most effective defense.

Scope of Representation

The final thing to look at is the scope of representation. Defendants should know what services the attorney is providing. Some attorneys handle only the immediate criminal case until a verdict is reached while others will also deal with appeals afterwards. Knowing the scope of representation allows defendants to plan for the future more accurately.

It can take time to find a lawyer. Defendants should be very careful and take as much time as possible to weigh different options. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer could make all the difference once a trial starts.

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