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Responsibility Matters: Five Alternatives to Getting a DUI

This guest post is from Ms. April Labarron, a native of Southern California who has her BA in English/Literature from MSJC in Menifee, Ca. She views her freelance writing, not only as a career, but as her passion.

Drinking responsibly is not a new suggestion for those who are going out on the town, but people still make the mistake of going out, enjoying adult beverages and then getting behind the wheel of a car when they have had too much to drink. However, there are alternatives to drinking and driving that can not only keep the person who is drinking safe behind the wheel, but others on the roads as well.

Designate a Driver

When heading out for the evening with a group of friends, choose one person to be the designated driver. It is important to remember that the designated driver should drink no alcohol if they are going to drive, and will ensure that the entire group will arrive home, at the end of the night, in safety.

Use a Taxi

If celebrating in an area that offers taxi service, arrange to have one pick you up at home, take you to the location and then bring you back home after the celebration. Taxi services do cost, but the money paid to a taxi will be far less than the cost of a DUI charge, or the consequences if drinking and driving leads to injury or death due to an accident.

Use a Safe Ride Program

In some communities, there are what is known as “Safe Ride” programs where a company will come pick you up at the event location and take you home. In some cases, the programs require that you leave your car at the bar or restaurant, while others send an additional driver who will then drive your vehicle home for you.

Call a Friend or Family Member

If you make the mistake of driving a vehicle to a bar or restaurant and drink too much, call a friend or family member to come pick you up. Although it may be an inconvenience for them, it is still better than getting a DUI or having an accident because you drove when you were intoxicated.

Walk to a Hotel

Hotels near downtown Oklahoma City are another option if you are out celebrating and have too much to drink. Instead of driving, walk to a local hotel and check into a room, even if it is for a few hours. If you are only slightly intoxicated, simply relax on the bed, fix a pot of coffee and give yourself the time necessary to sober up so you can drive home. If you are extremely intoxicated, simply sleep off the effects and head home the next day after you have sobered up.

These alternatives are the best way to not only keep from getting a DUI, with its own consequences and costs, but also to keep the highways safe and avoid a crash that could injure, or even kill, you or someone else.

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